10 Benefits Of Shared Living

Published on 30 September 2023 at 17:16


  1. Cost-saving: Shared living allows individuals to split the cost of rent and utilities, making it more affordable for everyone involved.
  2. Community: Living with others creates a sense of community and belonging. It provides opportunities for social interaction and support.
  3. Share responsibilities: In a shared living situation, household chores and responsibilities can be divided among the roommates, making it easier for everyone.
  4. Safety: Having other people around can provide an added sense of security. Roommates can look out for each other and help keep the space safe.
  5. Pool resources: Sharing living spaces allows for the pooling of resources and sharing of common items like cooking appliances, furniture, and entertainment systems.
  6. Learning opportunity: Living with others from different backgrounds and cultures can be a great learning experience. It promotes tolerance, understanding, and cultural exchange.
  7. Emotional support: Roommates can offer emotional support during tough times, providing a listening ear and offering advice.
  8. Increased social network: Shared living expands your social network as you meet and interact with your roommates' friends and acquaintances.
  9. Flexibility: Shared living often provides flexibility, such as the ability to switch roommates or change locations without the constraints of a long-term lease.
  10. Shared experiences: Living with others allows for the sharing of experiences, whether it's cooking meals together, celebrating birthdays, or going on outings, creating lifelong memories.

There you have it, the top 10 benefits of shared living and reasons many consider it the future of affordable housing. You can find one such place in Northern California named Redding in the County of Shasta. Humbled Housing is the companies name with David Humphries as the founder.

When asked the reason for starting such a business David replied "I was born and raised in Redding Ca. and recall a time not too long ago as a kid my buddies and I could ride around on our Skateboards and Bikes all day without seeing any signs of homelessness, fast forward 20 years and now as an adult, it seems like everywhere you turn your seeing the effects it's having on people and signs all throughout the community."

Instead of turning a blind eye towards the situation, David decided to look at the opportunity that presented itself and not only create a business but a business that could grow with the more people it helps and that's all the motivation he needs each morning to get out of bed.

David has grown Humbled Housing to three(3) locations and each offers low income, Homeless, disabled, Vets, Golden girls/boys, recently released prisoners a safe clean place to call home. Benefits include all bills paid, fully furnished, newly remodeled, WI-FI, Cable TV, Gardens, Horse Stable and animals, In-ground Pool, and all nestled on 8-160 secluded and beautiful acres of land. They accept all forms of payment including HUD,SSI,VOUCHERS and much more. Check them out at www.humbledhousing.com 

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